Whenever we should extend the newest Drop mutual, the fresh EDL is the only muscle we have to do this

Whenever we should extend the newest Drop mutual, the fresh EDL is the only muscle we have to do this

The new analogy i included in lecture involves the extensor digitorum longus (EDL), a muscle which crosses the fresh new ankle, subtalar joint (STJ), and you can, in fact, all the shared all the way to the latest Drop joint.

To point out an absolute exemplory instance of the absolute most unfathomable and you will destructive assistance regarding details is the conceptual concept of people relationships

Brand new EDL often work on each ones joints, dorsiflexing the latest foot, pronating the subtalar combined, then stretching the newest MP, PIP, and Dip joints.

Although not, when we use the EDL itself, it is going to flow the latest ankle, STJ, an such like. Whenever we must stretch new base at Drop shared and never circulate various other mutual, we have to activate other muscle tissue, an excellent synergist, along with the EDL.

It synergist will be prevent this new EDL from the both foot and you may STJ. Once the EDL dorsiflexes the fresh ankle and pronates the brand new STJ, this new syngergist is always to plantar fold the new ankle and you can supinate the brand new STJ. A muscle tissue hence performs this is the tibialis rear. Ergo, the newest EDL while the tibialis rear operate during the a true assistance to extend the brand new Drop bones without swinging new foot and STJ.

(Remember that the newest flexor digitorum longus in addition to plantar flexes new foot, and you can supinates the fresh new STJ. It can maybe not work for this task, although not, as it in addition to crosses this new PIP and you can Dip bones. Actually, it might be an enthusiastic antagonist on the EDL.)


Human anatomy having reverse measures during the a mutual are antagonists. Viewed in the a particular flat of movement, the newest looks whose contours regarding app are on opposite sides away from a combined axis is antagonists.

We cannot contemplate looks as actually planned during the agonist-antagonist sets. I would not view it beneficial, such as, to try to identity an enthusiastic antagonist for each muscles. Instead, given an operating path, we want to think about muscles when it comes to functional organizations and that enjoys reverse tips.

Antagonists basically relax whenever agonist acts. Cocontraction or, to use a phrase I like, coactivation, occurs when looks into the each party away from a mutual axis try effective. We quite often coactivate looks as soon as we do unlearned or book motions. I plus coactivate muscles as soon as we create enabling or genuine synergies.

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